My Final Project

I decided to focus my final project on improving my Javascript skills. I debated on doing something with APIs, but realized Javascript is more useful and interesting to me (also, it meant I didn't have to request access to an API).

First off, I redesigned my Portfolio. You can see my old portfolio here. My new portfolio includes a much-needed update to my my class and work experience. This required some HTML and CSS changes. I am still working on some of the visual aspects, however all of the functional/javascript code is complete. I also added a contact form and google map at the bottom. At first, the map inlcuded a google api, but then after some googling, I found that I could change the location with an embedded URL from google maps. I also added a javascript-powered pop up, that is activated when you click the send message button on the contact form. This pop up informs the user that their message has been sent. I am still messing around with creating a flex box/the visual aspects of this contact form.

Beyond updating my portfolio, I also made a to-do list using Javascript. When I first took new media production (2 years ago!), another student in my class made a to-do list similar to this, and I have remembered it since then. I wanted to improve my javascript skills so I decided to create this simple to-do list, which is found below. You can add things to the list by using the text input field, you can mark them as complete by clicking on them, or you can remove them off your list by clicking the X on the right.

Quarantine To-Do list!

1. Enter text to the field to create your to-do list

2. When you click the item, it will be marked as complete and turn green

3. Click the X to remove the item from your list.