Assignment 4: Cat slideshow

See below for pictures and descriptions of different cat breeds!







The first few lines of the HTML document are linked to Axios and vue are libraries of javascript functions In. Its also linked to the cat api in the javascript file to bring in all the cat photos/information on the different breeds of cats. The load next image function is specifically what brings in the pictures from the cat api. This function is limited to only getting the first 10 images of each cat breed from the api, (when it hits the 10th image – it starts all over again). Line 1-36 I built out a template which is called by my HTML and brings in the origin, adaptability, affection level, a description, and more information about the breed of cat, and am calling the API for each breed. Lines ~1-37 on the javascript file is a slideshow template (with no pictures or text or bar graph data). I was able to edit the colors of the bar graphs by changing the style on the HTML document. Since this was a template, I only had to make it once then apply it to all the different cat breeds.