NMIX 7110 - Assignments

This is the landing page for all my assignments for NMIX 7110 - Advanced Production. You can find my work linked below!


Assignment One

The first homework assignment dealt with lists, styling hyperlinks, a music player and more!

Assignment Two

Assignment two is a slideshow built using three different arrays. You can scroll through all the different Presidential candidates.

Assignment 2.5

Assignment 2.5 is a news page that gathers different news on the corona virus.

Assignment Three

Assignment three extracts JSON data from a link about my classmates

Assignment 3b

Using WordPress as a data source

Assignment Four

Assignment four is creating a cat slide show using images and information from the Cat API

Final Project

For my final project, I focused on improving my Javascript skills. I updated my portfolio and added javascript elements to it, and also created a to-do list using javascript.

In-class exercises

Objects and APIs
Objects - classlist Asteroids Trivia River Ship

Vue - Week 10
Workbook lesson 1 Workbook lesson 2 Workbook lesson 3 Workbook lesson 4 Workbook lesson 5 Workbook lesson 6: Dawgs

Workbook lesson 7: Cats