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Our company motto of "Organizing your world" explains our products. The files and accessories provide protection, accessibility and space savings to any office environment. The Jalema product line creates order out of chaos.

Graphic Arts Industry

For an alternative to flat files, Jalema provides the most versatile filing system for the Graphic Arts Industry. Film, hard copy proofs, drawings, samples, job tickets, plates (offset and flexo), Magnetic and flexible dies, CDs and all types of digital storage media are valuable materials that require protection and easy accessibility.

Jalema Clip

The JalemaClip with the self-adhesive base can be applied to any file folder and allows you to leaf through the file like a book, add and remove pages without disturbing the rest of the file and make clean copies without removing the pages.

Blueprint Filing

Blueprint filing, map filing and other large document filing has never been easier. Blue print storage, art storage and map storage is made easy and efficient with the use of high-density blue print racks, plan racks, wall racks and rolling stands.

Office filing

Office filing systems that work to save you space and time is an investment that pays for itself many times over. A good filing system will put you back in control, enhance your image and increase productivity.

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Jalema is a leading manufacturer of physical information management and office supplies. Saving time and space when storing and retrieving information is the foundation for business practices. Are you interested in selling our products? Get in touch with us!




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Jalema is a leading manufacturer of physical information management and office supplies. We have two of our own productionfacilities in the Netherlands with more than 65 years experience being leaders and innovators in the office supply market.

BluePrint Filing

Jalema uses the unique single point suspension (hook-and-bar) system to allow architects, engineers and designers to efficiently manage and store job material.

Jalema Clip

The JalemaClip is a flexible attachment mechanism that has become an unparalleled success thanks to its high-quality characteristics.

Jalema Office Products

Jalema manufactures and sells integrated, cost-saving storage and office filing systems that put organization into any office environment.

Euroflex Suspension Files

Jalema's Euroflex is an assortment of hanging folders. Equipped with reinforced glued metal suspension bars with durable white powder coated runners.

Graphic Arts Filing

Jalema provides the most versatile filing system for the Graphic Arts Industry. Such materials need to be stored and retrieved quickly and safely.

Jalema Grip

The Jalema Grip display rail is a great alternative to bulletin boards and uses a unique gripping mechanism to hold graphics, blueprints and other material for display.

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Jalema is a close-knit organization of enthusiastic people who are all closely involved in the company, the products, and the customers. Satisfaction in the work we do is the highest priority for our team.

Joan Westendorf

Joan Westendorff

Frank Demarteau

Frank Demarteau

Sales & Marketing Director
Roel Augustus

Roel Augustus

Product Developer
Leon Smolenaars

Leon Smolenaars

Sr. Sales Support Representative
Rick van Otterdijk

Rick van Otterdijk

Manager Marketing, E-Commerce & Sales Support
Christine Silkens

Christine Silkens

HR Manager
Frans van Gemert

Frans van Gemert

Machine Operator
Har Sliepen

Har Sliepen

Manager Production
Guus Killaars

Guus Killaars

Product Designer
Henk Wijgerde

Henk Wijgerde

IT Manager
Ilse Gielen

Ilse Gielen

Marketing and Communiation
Jan Gruiters

Jan Gruiters

Manager Logistics


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