The Home Depot


Merchandise - Pricing

May 2019 - August 2019

On Black Friday in 2018, an unintended deal on a Home Depot product went viral through the deal website, This led to millions of dollars lost for THD in one night.

My Team and I were tasked with creating an application to alert Merchants of possible unintended or suspicious deals from websites like

Some of the things I did:
  • Facilitated research interviews, usability testing, and synthesis sessions among Home Depot associates
  • Worked on a balanced team and applied agile methodologies to my workflow
  • Used prototyping softwares such as InVision, Sketch, and Axure to design the website
  • Collaborated with Product Managers and stakeholders as the creation of this website has been a goal of theirs for years
  • Presented business value and solution to C-suite level executives

The Problem:

On Black Friday in 2018, an unintended discount stack went viral on This deal was on the Ring camera, which Home Depot was (unintetionally) selling for buy one get one free, at half price. Thousands of orders were placed overnight, which led to the loss of thousands of dollars in revenue.

The Solution:

My team and I created an application to automatically scrape, and alert Merchants if a deal was above a certain threshold of validity.

How I did it:

Research, design, research again

This was my very first experience at a company the size of Home Depot. I had no idea what a Merchant was, what "scraping" was, or any of these super niche terms that everyone was throwing around. I had to conduct a ton of research in order to even start to figure out who to talk to. I was able to conduct interviews with Merchants, Merchant Planners, and even an offshore team who would check the alerts from the application we were building. I completed the following research methods in order to determine a solution:

  • Discovery research interviews

  • Design studios

  • Usability testing

  • Images have been omitted or blurred due to proprietary information NDA

    The Personas

    Through the research I conducted, I learned that Home Depot had an offshore team that would manually check every half hour, 24 hours a day. This was an extremely tedious process, and required around-the-clock monitoring.

    The Design Solution:

    Website design

    I designed the website using prototyping software Axure. After conducting research and usability tests, I found that including an at-a-glance section at the top with a table that filters in deals scraped from was the most effective.

    The Value

    The application my team and I built will result in a time savings of 44 minutes per hour for the team manually monitoring, as well as $163,000 annual labor savings. Also, it will result in no more unintended deals, which, in this particular case, was upwards of millions of dollars.